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A Simple Business Card Holder

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With all that firewood in the back, I wanted to see if I could try and make something nice out of something that looked… not so nice.

After speaking with my brother, he showed me an example of a business card holder that was made out of wood. As with most things at this point, I wanted to be as simple as possible to make sure I didn’t spend years on a project. I found a decent piece of wood in the stack and got to work.

I cut the log to what I thought would be a good size. No real measurement was done.

Totally unrelated but I thought this piece was rather cool because it looked like there was a dog’s face in bark. Not sure if you can see it, but we could.

We talked through a few designs through text messages and settled on the top design with a back.

Chopping off a lot of the rough parts.

Now we’re getting somewhere. This would be the final size and now all I really had to do was to cut out the recess for the cards to sit.

I made some small cuts using the bandsaw which made it much easier for the next step…

…which was to chisel out the waste. This was a bit tough to keep flat but sanding helped a lot here.

Looking sort of like a card holder at this point. Time to sand this to death.

Rounding everything over gave it a nice, worn look to it.

Here’s a view from the front.

I experimented a bit with what oil would do to this piece and didn’t think too much about it. Thought it looked nice and my brother agreed.

And so it was done. I didn’t finish with anything else except boiled linseed oil here as I didn’t want it to look tacky and maintain that warmth. It’s amazing how colorful log which was destined for the fire pit was. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of understated wood sources!

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