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Hold The Phone

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Here’s another Reddit-inspired project: the cell phone holder. It was a pretty simple design but I learned a lot from the process – especially how to use my jointer + create some custom cauls to glue these things together. Instead of flooding you with text, I’ll jump right into the process.

Started with some simple walnut and maple I picked up at Home Depot. I decided I wanted to mix these up a bit instead of having a straight piece of wood.

So I chopped them up with the bandsaw! Not sure the width here but I kept it consistent for each cut. You can see that the bandsaw left some not-so-nice marks on each piece so it was time to joint that edge.

Picked up this older jointer from someone at work and it seemed to do the trick. This picture was taken after I hooked the vacuum up to it because I forgot that part on the first try.

And it made quite the mess. Lesson learned. 🙂

Now that I had flat pieces, I decided to rearrange them as I would be making one for myself and my girlfriend.

His & hers.

I glued them together using Titebond and waited overnight.

She preferred the maple-dominant piece and I preferred the walnut-dominate one so it all worked out.

I scraped most of the glue off and ran these both through the planer to really clean them up. It’s incredible what this thing can do.

Both pieces are ready to do. Now to make some cuts.

I set my miter saw to ~15 degrees for the angled cut. It seemed to be a recommended angle to set the holder at a nice position. The small cut on the right is an edge for the phone to sit on.

It looked pretty decent from a dry fit so I continued on.

The trouble started when trying to glue these angles together. It couldn’t quite get a good clamp with these so I built some 75 degree cauls (the angle needed to clamp this 15 degree angle to 90 degrees). I didn’t have a protractor so I watched a Youtube video on how to create this angle using a compass, which I did have.

Made the cuts out of some scraps and we’re ready to move on.

This angle allowed the clamps to have a flat surface to press against. I added a bit of glue and it seemed to work great. It wasn’t going to be put through a lot of stress anyway unless you have a 100 lb. phone.

Looking pretty nice! Now to add the edge for the phone to sit on.

And we’re almost done. Just a bit of sanding and some boiled linseed oil (followed by a quick coat of spray lacquer) and they were finished.

The oil really adds to the contrast which was super nice. Pretty quick project and made for a nice gift.

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