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Another Gift – Growler Holder

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After the previous post on the axe I built, I was inspired to build some more gifts since it was a nice way to learn the craft and create a memory.

A roommate from college had recently announced that he was getting married. I knew that he was somewhat into beer and after a recent trip to a brewery, I decided I wanted to make him a growler holder. There were plenty of designs out there but after a quick Google search, I chose the first result at random.

The materials were rather inexpensive – I suppose you can choose to use any type of wood you want but I decided to use oak. I was definitely starting to realize that Home Depot is not the place to purchase wood – “nice” wood, anyway.

Made a few cuts according to the guide and then clamped them together with glue. The square helped with keeping that perfect angle. Drilled a few holes on each side and added some screws. I knew that this wasn’t going to be super aesthetically pleasing but I wasn’t quite comfortable with traditional joints at this points and considering it was going to be holder 2 x 64 oz glass growlers with liquid, I needed some assurance of strength. The guide only used a few finish nails and I wasn’t really into that.

After this, I added the small divider and screwed this in from the bottom. Probably could have just nailed this in but again, I wanted strength. Considering it was the bottom, the screws would not be super visible anyway.

The slats were a bit thicker than specified in the guide, but these were pre-cut and I decided to be lazy. They were close enough.

I cut 6 strips to length and added them to the sides with glue. I didn’t want to use screws here as they would be pretty visible. I decided to pick up an electric finish nailer for this job.

This thing worked like a dream.

I decided to oil this piece because I was a bit obsessed with how BLO made wood look. I added a few coats before the pipe portions went on.

Love the way the grain looks here! I sprayed a few coats of satin polyurethane to seal everything in after letting the BLO cure for a few days.

The pipe portion of this build was a bit tough. You had to essentially measure the distance between both sides and then have a piece of pipe cut and threaded on each end. The 3/4″ pipe I decided to go with was rather heavy but it fit the sizing of the build itself. The pipe flanges that screw into the wood were also a struggle to find. I wanted ones without writing on them but most of the ones I found had “CHINA” or other markings on them which wasn’t super nice looking. I ended up finding some that were acceptable at a local hardware store.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that part for some reason but this was the only remaining piece to add. Once added, we had a final product.

The color change was fantastic from the original wood. You lose sight of what things are going to look like in the end after all the sanding but I was super surprised at the depth of color in the wood.

The pipe could have been a bit smaller in hindsight as this thing was quiet heavy. I still think it added a nice touch. Onto the next project!

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