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What Started it All – Tie Bars

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If you’ve read my first post on this site, you’ll know that the whole reason I decided to build a bench and get into woodworking was a moronic idea that I was going to start a tie bar business. I suppose it’s not that far fetched, but it is definitely an odd origination point.

However, I decided to try and make one just to say I did. My college roommate and I collected some driftwood from a local beach and simple glued this to a tie bar. Not entirely sure why it took me so long to do so. Simply used my handsaw and cut a small piece and glued it to some blank tie bars I purchased from Amazon. It was tough to find a piece that I really liked with good figuring.

For how simple it was to make, I thought it looked pretty good! I decided to give it to my dad for father’s day.

He sent me a picture back of him wearing it. Looks good to me! I think I will be trying to experiment with some cuff links and money clips as well. I will post updates if I go down that path.

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