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A Lucky Acceleration

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I told myself when I started that I wouldn’t be that guy: the one who goes out and buys the most expensive tools immediately assuming it will make you a good woodworker. Up until this point, I had my bench, a hand saw, some chisels and the miter saw. I was pretty much set to create a lot of things with these tools and be happy doing so.

We don’t always have control over opportunities that are going to present themselves.

I knew that at some point, I wanted a band saw. It seemed like a very versatile tool for cutting a variety of things. I didn’t have any intention of buying one but wanted to keep my eyes on Craigslist to see what pricing was going to look like if I wanted to take that plunge. I came across a posting that has a Jet 12″ Bandsaw that looked rather old but in decent shape. Looking further into the post, I saw that the owner was also selling the following items in the same lot:

12″ Jet Bandsaw

13″ Dewalt Planer

12″ Wen Variable Speed Drill Press

DW744 Dewalt Table Saw

Delta 6″ Grind Wheel

All of this for $475.¬†Thinking it was too good to be true, I sent it to a more knowledgeable friend who said, “Can you leave right now and go get this?” The price of the planer alone was ~$600!

I met up with the owner and it turns out he knew my grandfather + great uncle. We chatted for a bit and went to take a look in his tool shed.

He told me that the drill press, grind wheel, and planer have never been used (which was true as the plastic storage bags were never removed). The table saw maybe saw a few boards. Ended up giving him $500 and took everything. He even threw in a 6-gal compressor and a small Stihl chainsaw that he wasn’t using saying I was “doing him a favor.”

This was definitely a fortuitous find and I am very grateful. I had no idea where to start, honestly. I looked through a lot of the manuals to see how they operated but it was definitely a bit intimidating to look at in the corner of the basement. More to come!

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