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New homes for new friends – Part II

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It was a bit cruel to have my first real stationary power tool sitting on the concrete floor. It was time to put something together to house this bad boy. I’d need some more plywood so I went and grabbed a few 2′ x 4′ sheets because the 4′ x 8′ was a huge hassle to transport in a Honda Civic. I remembered that I had a tough time cutting longer pieces of plywood last time so I figured it was time to upgrade my circular saw (or actually purchase one that works.)

This thing cuts like a dream. It’s pretty incredible the difference between a corded circular saw and a battery-powered one. The cheaper Black & Decker one I purchased earlier worked pretty well on the 2×4 studs I picked up but didn’t work too well on the larger things. I did enjoy the portability of the B&D saw but for the long term, I’d rather one that can actually cut everything I need. Maybe I’ll give the older one to an aspiring woodworker in the future.

Anyway, on to the project. I looked up a few miter saw cart designs as I wanted portability. I knew that I didn’t have a lot of room in the basement so I knew I needed to be able to move this thing around if I were to cut larger pieces of wood. I found this design by Ana White for a miter stand and figured I’d give it a shot since it seemed rather simple. A lot of miter saw stands I found were super complex and meant for a large workshop. This seemed just right.

I made the cuts I needed using my sacrificial studs I use to cut on the floor. It was a nice feeling to not smell burning rubber.

The design called for a few 2×2 supports to hold up the bottom shelf and the top shelf. These were just screwed into the plywood.

Adding the top brace as well. It took a bit of precise measuring to figure out the distance between the bottom of the shelf to the top of the outfeed “wings” so that a board would lay flat across the table for cutting. The guide does a good job of helping you through that.

Skipped some steps here because I can’t find the pictures but essentially the two shelves were screwed together into the two sides I created. We have a decent looking stand at this point. Due to a limited amount of space, I knew I would be moving this thing around so casters were a necessity.

What a wonderful thing these are.

Now the table is essentially finished. Time to test it out.

Works perfectly! I took a 2×4 and put it across the table and it was about 1/2 an inch higher than the sides. That’s because…

…of the wings. With these extended, wood sits level on the metal area of the saw and the sides of the stand. I was very happy with the result. Time to create some things.

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