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New homes for new friends – Part I

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When I first started to look into what I could make, I was constantly drawn towards videos on dovetails. They were such a simple and beautiful looking wood joint that I needed to learn to do. I purchased a Japanese pull saw, some nice chisels, and a dovetail saw guide to get started. I also picked up a few planks of poplar and cut them into small 3″ pieces to be used to practice the joints.

The real first dovetail I did wasn’t even a dovetail because I did it wrong. I definitely skipped a step in one of the process videos and forgot to flip around the dovetail guide for the second half of the cut. It looked a bit like putting a square peg in a round hole. I threw that one in the scrap bin. Moving on to my “first” dovetail actually came out pretty decent, relatively speaking. I think watching the videos truly helped alert me to common traps that folks fall into. A nice man named David Barron and his videos literally taught me everything I know  about the process so I “paid him back” a bit from the knowledge by purchasing his amazing saw guide. It contains a magnet so it keeps your saw in line with the area you are trying to cut.

However, this became a bit stale after my 6th or 7th dovetail. I knew I could use these to put together drawers, boxes, and plenty other wood applications in the future. I was tired of using the circular saw to cut all my wood and figured it was time to upgrade. Now that I’ve put together a place to assemble my crafts, it was time to get my first big power tool.

Through a gracious and thoughtful gift from my girlfriend’s father, I was gifted a DeWalt miter saw. I had randomly added this to my Amazon wishlist during the Christmas season and I was lucky enough to receive this as one of my presents.

It was incredible. I was cutting things I didn’t even need to cut. Unfortunately, the miter saw did not come with a stand so it was temporarily placed on the ground. I decided that it needed a new home. Stay tuned!

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