They Call It "Content" in These Parts

    A few links to a few things I've written, or that have been written about me, that aren't collected anywhere else obvious. Most times these days when I get the urge to rant, I do the "hep" thing and "blog" it.

    Have Camera, Will Blog -- assorted travelogues and photo sets from my occasional excursions to far shores.

    Clayton Cramer's Greatest Hits -- In which we gently remind the world of Respected Amateur Historian Clayton Cramer's slightly less savory roots.

    Why I Love Philadelphia -- a small tale of my misspent youth.

    The Fifth Element -- every once in a great while, I hate a movie enough to necessitate a rant. This was one of those times.

    Attack of the Clones -- this, another example of the same.

    SweatGear -- my one and only attempt at collaborative agitprop: an anti-sweatshop pamphlet "repurposed" for the web. Boy, this seemed pretty cutting-edge back in 1998. The main people behind this have gone on to bigger and better things.

    Bushclock -- Do you know where your President is? (Not presently being updated, as election season is to camera-shy Presidents what February 2nd is to groundhogs.)

    Rodona Garst, remembered -- a few parting shots at a former spamlord.

    MTAese Translator -- Render any text in the logos of the New York subway system. I found this inexplicably amusing for some reason.

    Israel and the Palestinians: A Personal Bibliography -- Like any person of Jewish descent who likes to argue about politics, I spend an inordinate

    amount of time talking about this issue. Unfortunatly, 99% of the time, I end up having to fall back on the time-honored and true, if somewhat disreputable "You have no fucking idea what you are talking about -- please go read the following books and then come back afterward" tactic, simply because most

    people have absolutely no notion about the history of the area beyond what they just read in a CNN capsule summary. After enough repetitions of this, I figured it would be simpler to just commit the list to a web page, and hand out the link. So here it is.

    Morning Edition 1/21/99 -- I am interviewed for NPR's "Morning Edition" program. (RealAudio stream)


    A few tiny scripts and hacks I've put together. No laughing at my code, please: I'm not a developer, just a sysadmin with a copy of the camel book and a small desire to make life easier for myself. If any of these have any utility for you, enjoy.

    The Remindertron -- Got a bad memory for dates? Is your girlfriend/boyfriend/sheep going to eviscerate you if you forget your anniversary again? Never fear, the remindertron is here! Run this out of cron on a unix-ish box and get helpful email reminders about upcoming yearly events. -- quickly produce a web-ready index page for any directory full of images and movies.

    Linkit -- a utility to produce short-form weblinks, a la '' and all of its ilk. ~120 lines of perl. Probably not suitable for mass-production use, but perfectly usable inside small organizations. (Source here.)


    And when love is gone
    there's always justice.
    And when justice is gone,
    there's always force.
    And when force is gone,
    there's always mom.
    (Hi, Mom!)

    - Laurie Anderson