I Go Places

    Now and again, I've managed to go to one or two interesting places. Being enamored of the sound of my own voice, I tend to write about it. Being a hopeless

    compulsive shutterbug, I tend to take pictures.

    I'm told some people find reading about this sort of stuff interesting. (Hi, Mom!) So, here they are:

    Shanghai the Hard Way: China, August 2000

    From the First World, to the End of the World, and Back: Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand; May 2001

    Tour Boat Veterans for Truth: Vietnam, September 2004

    Four Days, Three Continents: Switzerland and Japan, June-July 2008

    (full picture galleries coming soon, in the meantime there are highlights in amongst the travelogues


    And when love is gone
    there's always justice.
    And when justice is gone,
    there's always force.
    And when force is gone,
    there's always mom.
    (Hi, Mom!)

    - Laurie Anderson